With the recent disastrous trials upon the Palestinians in Gaza, they are now refugees in their own land and the Month of Ramadhan will come in a few moments, while they have nothing to welcome it.

That is such a crucial time for them as they strive to go on living with whatever they have left.

It is an opportunity for us to be of service to them in whichever way possible.

Let’s hope that every sponsorship, big or small, leaves a meaningful impact and sets a new beginning for them.

Last date of register: 25/02/2024

Recent disastrous trials upon the Palestinians in Gaza made them as refugees in their own land. Most of them lost of their goods and makes it difficult for them to carry out their daily activities.

Ramadhan is approaching and they will benefit so much from the Food Packages and Drinking Water. During this challenging period, let’s help them welcome Ramadhan with ample preparations for their pre-dawn and iftar meals.